A downloadable game for Windows

Capture enemies with your magic and absorb their powers! Each enemy gives different powers and each power can help you advance through the levels. Experiment with each transformation, explore the levels and collect as many candy as you can!

Beat the 3 levels and fight the boss to win the game. 

Controls (Gamepad);

  • -MOVE: WASD (Left Stick)
  • -JUMP: J (A)
  • -ATTACK: K (B)
  • -ABSORB: L (Y)
  • -ZOOM CAMERA: I (L1)
  • -ROTATE CAMERA: U/O (Right Stick)

Thanks for playing.

Programming: Barondev

Art: Sqaureanon

Music: MobiusDisco

Install instructions

Unzip the RAR file and run the Halloween Jam.exe file.


halloweenjam_smb3.rar 44 MB


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Very cute game. I didn't check the controls so I didn't know about the powers until like level 2, but very fun times for Halloween withdrawal men like me.  

Who did the voices? Was it just stock sounds? 

I recorded all the sfx, my gf did some of the female character sounds. all sounds made from scratch!